Vegan Kids Birthday Buffet

Hello everyone!!!  So, I’ve been vegan for 12 years and in that time had 2 successful pregnancies; I now have 4 yr old twin boys and a 6 yr old daughter.  The most important factor is that we can still be a vegan family, on a limited budget and limited time!!!   Just started doing this, so didn't include a picture, but will start taking them from now…

Strictly Vegan Birthday Buffet:  

Oreo’s- yes, they're vegan!
Jammie Dodgers
Party Rings
Crisps - Onion Rings, Bacon Rasher, Chipsticks  - all from Tesco
Chopped Cucumber and Carrot Sticks 
Breadsticks - Tesco
Mini Sausage Rolls - Tesco
Popcorn - Tesco
And of course, birthday cakes!  Vegan chocolate cake and victoria sponge - thanks to grandma  - yum!!!

I’m going to post every Friday  - and more in between, if time permits.  Thanks! xx 


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