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Super quick picnic!!

The boys have just munched satsuma and apple, we're just off to park equipped with Tesco value whole meal bread sanwiches with peanut butter and jam, grapes, alpro yoghurts, Apple and banana - please note, this is for mum too! X

Vegan Kids Birthday Buffet

Hello everyone!!!  So, I’ve been vegan for 12 years and in that time had 2 successful pregnancies; I now have 4 yr old twin boys and a 6 yr old daughter.  The most important factor is that we can still be a vegan family, on a limited budget and limited time!!!   Just started doing this, so didn't include a picture, but will start taking them from now…
Strictly Vegan Birthday Buffet:  
Oreo’s- yes, they're vegan! Jammie Dodgers Party Rings Crisps - Onion Rings, Bacon Rasher, Chipsticks  - all from Tesco Chopped Cucumber and Carrot Sticks  Breadsticks - Tesco Mini Sausage Rolls - Tesco Popcorn - Tesco Strawberries Grapes And of course, birthday cakes!  Vegan chocolate cake and victoria sponge - thanks to grandma  - yum!!!
I’m going to post every Friday  - and more in between, if time permits.  Thanks! xx